Wholesale Distribution Partners

The following companies are authorized to distribute Anthony Road wines in their respective states:


Opici Wine Company of CT

Contact: Scott Randall

(203) 876-2830


Opici Family Distributing of DE

Contact: Eoin Connors

(302) 409-3173

District of Columbia

Opici Wine Company

Contact: Eoin Connors

(302) 409-3173


National Distributing Company

Contact: Chip Stevens

(404) 472-2247


Opici Wine Company

Contact: Eoin Connors

(302) 409-3173


Oz Wine Company

Contact: Andrew Bishop

(978) 373-946


Amara Wines

Contact: Shanna Marx

(763) 572-WINE

New Jersey

Opici Wine Company of NJ - ABD

Contact: Phil Ward

(800) 330-9463

New York - Metro

Opici Wine Company of NY

Contact: Kevin Faehndrich

(800) 648-Wine

New York - Upstate

Opici Wine Company of NY

Contact: Mike Proch

(315) 473-9030


Dreadnought Wines

Contact: John Toler

(800) 565-2816

Rhode Island

Sage Cellars

Contact: Anne Sage

(401) 289-2916


Baker Distributing Corporation

Contact: Anton Vicar

(802) 773-3397

Virginia - Northern

Service Distributing

Contact: Steve Jewett

(703) 253-3000

Virginia - Southern

The Robins Cellars

Contact: Alex Carr

(803) 346-5060

The NY Yankees Dry Riesling is distributed by:

New Jersey

Fedway Associates

Contact: Steve Merrick

(908) 394-6138

New York

Monsieur Touton Selection, Ltd.

Contact: Gary Grunner

(917) 826-2669